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What we are:
"Camera & Print Shop", "Film Lab", "Photo Studio", "Photo Education", "Creative Outlet"
& Most importantly, A Local Pittsburgh USA Based Business.

What we aren't:
The average photographic retailer that puts your camera in a bag and sends you out the door to fend for yourself.

About Us.

Since 2012, Premier Imaging & Camera has specialized in all aspects of the photographic journey.

We are not simply a camera shop! We are a creative outlet looking to provide the tools & services needed on your photographic journey. Whether your goal is to document life, enjoy a hobby or master the craft, we help you to do so in the form of classes, meet-ups, excursions, studio rentals and so much more.


We help bring your vision to life through printing on not only photographic paper, but also Giclée reproductions on canvas, metal and other substrates as well as a large variety of gifting items.

We cater to all walks of the photographic journey from the first acquisition of your photographic tool, learning how to use this tool and in time expressing varying degrees of interest & mastery in the form of Print and/or Gallery showcases and exhibitions. 

We are honored to be a part of your journey.


North Hills Village  (412) 364-1815

South Hills Village (412) 667-9096

Monroeville  (412) 372-5060

Contact Us.

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